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Roots Or Fruit Matter?

Shallow roots bear no fruit let alone, good fruit. In the same way, it is true of believers in Christ Jesus. The amount of nutrients we receive depends on how deep these roots grow. Therefore it is important to keep a consistent relationship with God.

Like such as, studying the Bible and spending time in God’s presence. This is how established we are and  get rooted in His love together as we fellowship with His holy people.

Often times, we use fruit as a sign to show the health of a tree. Yet we never look at its roots as a sign of a healthy tree. As a result, we overlook a crucial reason for consideration. Incidentally, this brings us to ask the next question.

Why Strong Roots Matter?


On the surface, we tend to look for the fruit instead of looking deep at its roots. Being filled to the measure of all the fullness of God means we need to grow strong roots to grow good fruits. Let me explain this truth.

The depth in which they go, and how they intertwine with others prove the extend how these trees will survive and flourish in the forest. Clearly,  good trees bear much fruit.

For example, the redwood trees grow strong and tall while they are close together and it dies when planted alone in the National park. As believers, we know we can learn this important principle truth.

What Did We Learn?

To grow strong in the Lord, we learn the strength matters as well as the amount of nutrients we receive depends on how deep these roots grow.

Finally, we are not made to grow as a loner.. we are a forest deep in the garden of our Father God.

Note: Credit is given to Hermanto Anggono for this message.

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Gift Of Love – A Christmas Story

Gift of love – A Christmas Story

 Christmas is known as the joyous time of the year and what does it have to do with the gift of love?

You see, many look forward to the Christmas simply because it brings great joy and news during this season of the year. At the same time, in our article today we share why Christmas is the ‘gift of love‘. According to many believers across the earth who embrace and celebrate Christmas that is a gift not bought but freely given. Come join us by counting down to Christmas and learn what Christmas is all about.

As any intriguing story begins,  it naturally begins with the main characters in the story. We have Mary, the virgin and Joseph, the man Mary got betrothed to.

‘Now the birth of Jesus Christ[e] took place in this way. When his mother Mary had been betrothed[f] to Joseph, before they came together she was found to be with child from the Holy Spirit. 19 And her husband Joseph, being a just man and unwilling to put her to shame, resolved to divorce her quietly.


Gift of love


The Gift Of Love Came Down When


Gift Of Love

The gift of love came down when Baby Jesus was born, bore out of the Holy Spirit as according to the Bible. Did Joseph successfully carry out his secret plan to divorce Mary? Did God intervene and stop his plan? If He did, who did He sent to Joseph? Finally, how did Jesus became the gift of love to all humanity?




Do You Have More Questions?


Gift of love  Do You Have Questions, You Need  Answers?

Jesus being bore of the Holy Spirit, what does it mean? Have you ever wonder how it is possible? For Mary, being found with a child from the Holy Spirit, who by the way is this ‘Holy Spirit’?

Is it okay to divorce? What does the Bible say about divorce? You may have some questions that you do not understand and would like some answers. Feel free to write them down or even post us the questions you have.

Click on contact us and simply send us your questions. We will get to you as soon as we can. Meanwhile, keep these questions in your heart as we continue with our story.

Tune in and See you tomorrow..

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Pray God Wants You!

Pray, Will You Come On Board?

Please pray because the challenge to pray for California is ever so great today. The years of long standing drought bring devastation to our state this season. Please take this message seriously. Why? Let me share with you please.


Yesterday, after Church, while my husband and I, with our son went for a drive to relax and rest our mind, we ended up taking an hour drive around the Millerton Lake, CA. What we saw while driving around was devastating. The long-standing drought was literally drying up the Lake. In my mind, I heard myself saying: ‘We need to do something.’ As we arrived home, I felt the Lord calling me to send out this challenge on Facebook. And I did. This was what I wrote.

Today after Church we went on a drive around the Millerton Lake and saw first hand  the devastation caused by this long standing drought in California. Please pray to end this drought because we desperately need the rain. Let’s come together to call on our Father in Heaven to grant what we need, the rain.

Not only that, the long running drought dried up all the greens and as a result, wildfires flared up in various parts of California that Governor Jerry Brown declared State of Emergency for California, this week. Please keep praying until God answers and brings the water we need. Thank you.

California needs our attention and our prayers.

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This morning, I woke up with a morning of dark clouds and light rain. It was like “God  affirms a break through is on the way”. At the same time, I felt in my inner being that God was saying: ‘Get ready for a cold winter’. Do you believe that the long-standing drought is coming to an end? We still need to keep seeking & praying for God to bring the water we need to California.

In the afternoon, we (my husband and I) had a unique opportunity to watch a movie together. We picked the latest #1 movie in United States, War Room. We were not sure we could make it for this movie on time. However, thank God we made it a little late but not missing much. The truth is, I have had never cried entirely through a movie before. In fact, this would be my first. Without a doubt, this is a must watch.

It’s Time To Take This Seriously!

Have you ever felt God’s Call, a clear assignment He gave to you? A Call that is to become one of His mighty warriors in prayers to fight mighty battles in the Heavenly?  Declares victory over the battle in the heavenly first before it manifests here on earth. God is looking for His mighty warriors who will faithfully fight His battles in prayers in the War Room. Are you one of them?

God wants you to come on board, take on this challenge and be His mighty warriors!  If you hear from God and believe God is calling you for this special assignment, stop resisting. Come to Him today in your War Room, wait for your first assignment. He’s been waiting for you way too long. It’s about time.. don’t you think?

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Truth Shall Set You Free

Truth Shall Set You Free

Truth is hard to take at times. But truth will not mislead you, it will not pamper you. Neither will it entrap you. Truth will only set you free. Lies, on the hand, will gradually destroy you without your knowing. Simply because the father of all lies is the devil himself. If this is what you need today, read on.


Truth Shall Set You Free

When we have a society that encourage and support the notion that ‘there is no absolute truth’ and ‘everything is grey, there is no right and wrong’ mentality, we will reach a point where no one can judge another. One can do what one sees fit and good in one’s eyes. Man will have no restraints any more.

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There will be no need for law enforcement, justice, no need for jails because any man can argue and sue his way out of all wrongs simply there is no right and wrong. We head just right in this direction whether we believe it or not. We can protest all we can, disagreeing with what I have to say today. But, the truth is, we are heading in this direction whether we like to hear it or not. This is what’s wrong with our society today. Before we head it on any further, we need to seriously ponder and decide how this is going to turn out. One man or woman can make that difference. Would that be you?

Have you heed the Call?

Are you going to remain silent and ignore it? Do not live in fear. The God whom you declare you love and worship is the God of the Great I AM. Believe that He who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.

I pray that today you will declare this with great faith: ‘Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil.’ Psalm 23:4a Hold to the promise that the God of the Great I Am is and will be with you. Keeping in mind that His rod and His staff will bring comfort to you (Psalm 23:4b) when you need it.

Additional Resource

As I did some research on what the ‘rod’ and ‘staff’ mean, I came across Jodi’s Journal. I thought this message explains it well. If interested, please click on the link to find out more. May you be truly blessed today.

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LaMarcus Adna Thompson

 LaMarcus Adna Thompson

Who is LaMarcus Adna Thompson? Have you ever heard of this man? If you are a huge fan of all kind of roller coasters of all sort, you are in for a thrill. LaMarcus Adna Thompson was one of the best known American inventor for the earliest known roller coaster in America.

He built the first Switchback Railway in 1884 at Coney Island, the world’s most famous beach resort. According to Michael Simon of Entertainment Designer, he stated that “History has dubbed Thompson the “Father of Gravity,” as his coasters relied entirely upon gravity.” So how would the famous Switchback Railway work? Here Michael explained  how it worked stating that:

“For the Coney Island attraction, ten people at a time climbed a flight of stairs to a tower where they boarded a train car. Riders then coasted down 600 feet at about 6 miles per hour, then climbed another flight of stairs to a second tower. The train car was “switched back” to a return track, and the riders coasted back to where they began. Thompson’s Switchback Railway was an instant success, earning him hundreds of dollars per day at a nickel per ride.”

A Brief History Of His Life

According to D. Potter of Theme Park Insider, “Lamarcus Adna Thompson was born in Jersey, Ohio on March 8th, 1848. The man who would later be known as the “father of gravity” started life first as a carpenter, then a successful business person.

Lamarcus Adna ThompsonBy the age of 35 he had made a fortune after founding a company that manufactured women’s stockings. The hosiery business took a toll on Thompson’s health, and so he left the business. After a trip out west, he found himself in New York in the early 1880’s.”

As I was doing further research I came across this From Museum of the Open Road audio script, that Thompson was a devout Christian who was also a Sunday School teacher. ‘He was appalled at the leisure activities that drew young people in his day, and in particular saw amusement parks as places of sin and degradation. He sought to create a wholesome entertainment—one that would build character and not subject children to vice and depravity.

The Inspiration Of Switchback Railway

D. Potter stated  ‘L.A. Thompson was inspired by a trip to the hills in eastern Pennsylvania, where a railroad line running through Carbon County converted from a coal transport into a tourist attraction.

The Mauch Chunk Switch Back Railway was an 18 mile, mostly downhill course that featured a 2300 ft long, 665 ft high drop at the end. The railway was a rousing success with tourists, who came by the thousands to ride every year. Thompson’s idea was to capture Mauch Chunk in a smaller package.’

He built Switchback Railway in 1884 at Coney Island with John Miller as his Chief Engineer who was a designing genius of his time. Miller went on to build his own company later and was successful in his endeavors.

I was able to dig up some interesting facts about the contradictions surrounding the patent issues as to who was truly the first inventor of the roller coaster in the West, if you like to read more about it.

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The reason Thompson highlighted in our story this week, was to urge all of us not to take lightly whatever thought we have as we see what’s happening around us. Thompson sought to change what he saw. He did it through creating a more wholesome entertainment for the youths in his time. And he succeeded. Not only that, he became a Million Dollar Inventor in his time. God blessed his thought and invention.

You never know how far an idea or thought can lead you if you seek God for an open door to use it for His glory. Nothing is truly impossible if you leave it in His hands. Only in the end, I beseech you to give all glory and honor back to God. Be an inspiration to yours and future generation beginning as of today. Go, and run along with God.

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The Call Of Motherhood

Motherhood Is A Calling

How many moms agree with me that motherhood is a calling from God? It’s a privilege I believe that every mom embraces with all her heart. Some make this journey look so easy while many of us struggle. Motherhood takes a life time to make its perfection. Sometimes, even at the end of a mother’s life, she has her fair share of regrets and wishes of ‘ it could be better ifs ‘.

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Today, I am honoring Lacey Buchanan  for what a dedicated mom she is. The first time I knew Lacey was from a you tube video that appeared in 2012.  Although heart warming, it was at the same time, heart breaking. A mom’s dream for her baby crushed with the birth of her precious baby with his eyes and mouth cleft. But her determination to love and raise Christian was totally admirable. She taught me what the love of a mother could do, absolutely everything that her heart determined would do!

Through the recent years, I started to search for update on Christian’s news. It was a privilege to know both Lacey and her boys on their Facebook page.

Christian who recently turned 4, was a healthy and happy boy. Christian has an adorable younger brother, Chandler. This month, Christian and Lacey got featured on the front page of the local newspaper called THE TENNESSEAN where they live. The article was an excellent presentation of Christian’s story. Click on the link to know more. Nothing is impossible from the love of a determined mother to her beloved child.


Motherhood Is God’s Calling For All Moms.

A Reminder Of God’s Love

This reminds me of God’s love for His beloved people simply because God’s love sees beyond our limitations. It is through knowing and be known by Him that we truly understand what love is. The Bible in  1 John 4:10,  1 John 4:18 – 19 says:

This is love: not that we loved God, but that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins.

 “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear, because fear involves punishment, and the one who fears is not perfected in love.  We love, because He first loved us.”

There is no fear in love. This is because through perfect love we find perfect trust through the eyes of a child and it is exactly how one approaches and understand the things of the Kingdom of God.

In conclusion

The love of God brings out the best in us. Lacey is able to love Christian the way she does, stamps out of her love for God. She is a wonderful daughter of the Almighty. Her testimony is a great example of God’s presence in her life. She chooses to raise her children in the love of Her beloved God that I’m privileged to share with you. With everything that a mother has to go through to raise her children, I have no doubt, motherhood is absolutely a calling from God.



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Andrew Chan’s Story

Andrew Chan’s Story

Have you read about Bali Nine death row prisoner Andrew Chan who is waiting for execution anytime from now in Bali? According to the Indonesian Law, drug traffickers face death sentence without pardon.

The Catch here is many of the Australians are pleading for his life. What is so special about Andrew that he should deserve a second chance while others never had that opportunity? So now.. are you stirred to know more?

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Should A Second Chance Be Given?

The reason I wrote this article was to bring a comparison between Andrew’s and God’s story. ‘What do you mean’, you asked? Well, here is a story about a criminal who is about to face his judgement, DEATH by law. Should he be pardoned from his death sentence?

Why should he be given a second chance to LIVE? If you read his story, you would know in the 9 years in prison, he became a Christian and his life changed as a result of the Holy Spirit working in him. He was recently ordained as a minister in prison, while serving his time in prison. He led many to the Lord. So is that a good reason to pardon him from his death sentence? What do you think?


Andrew Chan’s Story: Do We Deserve A Second Chance To Life?

Honestly, do we deserve a second chance to LIFE? According to the Law we deserve DEATH sentence.

Romans 3:23 – ‘for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God’  

 Romans 6:23a – ‘For the wages of sin is death,’

You may not believe in the Bible, yet that does not make the statements untrue simply because you do not believe. Now Andrew may not believe his execution is near because he had violated the Bali Law. The truth is whether he personally believe the law or not, he is facing a near death situation.

Do you know God’s story?

Did you know what He chose? He chose to give LIFE. YES, not pardon but gave LIFE. Do you know He gave His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ to die on the Cross to pardon our sins? Do you know what that means? HE sacrificed His only Son, Jesus, to save our lives from DEATH. According to Romans 5:8,

‘But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.’

Does Andrew a criminal deserve LIFE or DEATH? I would like to turn this question around and ask you: “Do you deserve LIFE or DEATH? In God’s story, it is not about whether we deserve to live or die.

The key word is DESPITE what we deserve, out of His love, He chose to GIVE LIFE. Now, if God chose to give us life, who are we to decide if Andrew deserves his death sentence? Let us instead pray for the Will of God be done in Andrew’s life. Today, during service, my Pastor gave these words and it says;

ONLY IN HIS LOVE can you find peace. ONLY IN HIS LOVE, can you find love. ONLY IN HIS LOVE, can you find strength. May I add this, ONLY IN HIS LOVE, can you find SALVATION.

In conclusion

I plead with you to seriously consider changing your perspective on where you stand. Would you choose to embrace the LIFE that Jesus gave you when He took your sins upon Himself on that Cross to save you? Or would you turn a deaf ear to His WORD today?



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Do You Need This Prayer Today?

My Kitchen Prayer

Every new mom meets various challenges in her daily life. Ever feel like you need a special prayer to get through today? Especially at a time when you are sick and need a little break but everyone else are either sick or need you to get through the day. You wonder how you are going to get through this? Or just to get through an uneventful day? A little help would be most delightful..

Allow me to share this special prayer with you today. Hope it brings you great blessing and joy to help get you through this day.

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My Kitchen Prayer

God bless my little kitchen, I love it’s every nook. 

And bless me as I do my work, wash pots and pans and cook,

 And may the meals that I prepare be seasoned from above

with thy great blessing and thy grace.

But most of all they love,

so bless my little kitchen, God.

And those who enter in, may they find naught

but joy & peace

and happiness there.

 We are never alone no matter how we feel about it. When we feel we need an extra push and strength to get through, a prayer utter to God will get us through each day. God knows what’s in our hearts and would love to bless us by granting our hearts’ desires when we come to Him. Sometimes, in silence or in closed closet or simply utter out loud in special moment meeting up with Him.

Never be afraid to call on Him. He is just a step away. Turn to Him and find rest for your tired soul today. May you be truly blessed and  may you have a restful week ahead with Him in prayers.



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Is Doing What’s Right Relevant Today?

A couple of days ago I saw a video posted by You tube challenging Facebook to do what is the right thing to do as an active  competitor with You tube. Now, here is the video you may want to watch. It’s called Help Stop Facebook Freebooting.

My question to everyone is: “Is it still relevant today to do what’s right?” This question posted to all our mega companies in the United States. In my post today, I would like to discuss this question and state my reasons why it is still relevant to do the right thing.


Making America Great

America is known in the world as ‘The Great Nation’. Really? Is it still relevant today? Imagine what’s that like for many mega companies and their staffs waking up to go to work each day, working hard to make a good living and bringing in incomes for their families and at the end of the day, feeling satisfied and return home with a good clear conscience with nothing to keep them awake in the middle of the night, trembling with fear. Isn’t that an awesome way to live? Can we say that is true all across mega companies in United States? If you would be honest with yourself, have you woken up in the middle of a night trembling with fear lately?

Next picture, have you gone to work a day and all you did was trying to find a loop-hole in our laws and try to get away from paying the penalty using the loop-hole to your advantage? You are most likely working as a lawyer in this case. I might be stereotyping.. I can hear all the lawyers protesting by now. But, seriously, are you in that place and you hate it so much? How is life treating you? Do you really want to live like this all your life? Life is good when you can sleep and not worry all the time. Does doing what is right bother you?

We can live and be competitive with a clear conscience.  Can we qualify ourselves as citizens of ‘The Great Nation’ if all we do are trying to live like one but not living up to its name? Why is doing what is right relevant today? Consider our great grand kids.. What kind of nation we want our grand kids to live in? What we do today has a great impact on our future generations. Everybody knows that.. Wait, take time to seriously think about it.  If we care so much for our environment, and our animals, why can’t we care about what we do to our next generation? What kind of legacy we want to pass down to our future generations? Empire is nice.. but meaningless! A family name that they are proud to own and pass down to their grand kids is the greatest legacy.

Why is doing right still relevant today? If doing the right thing no longer relevant, we can do away with our justice department. It’s irrelevant to uphold justice anyway, why bother? For show? Why bother? Keep the money for yourselves? Do we think seriously what we are doing and why we are doing any more? Is greed so important to you? Yes, everything we do for selfish reasons all stamp out of GREED! We want more!! We can live with more and with a clear conscience.

In conclusion, I would like to leave you with this thought. You think you can get away with a wrong, maybe you can, but don’t push it. One day all that you do, right or wrong will be out there for all to see. Will you be shamed or honored? That’s my question to you.

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Story – Call Of True Love

Story Of The Call To True Love

]Recently my sister-in-law posted this awesome story on Facebook. After reading it, I decided to translate it into English so many more can read and appreciate this story.



Story Of The Call To True Love

A cruise ship met a deadly disaster on the ocean and was sinking. A couple struggled to get close to the rescue boat, when their turn finally arrived, they faced a dilemma, only one seat left. The man went before his wife and jumped on board the rescue boat to save himself. Now, the woman who was left on the sinking cruise ship, shout to the man..

At this junction, the teacher asked her students: “What do you think this woman would say to the man?” The students filled with passion, all said: “I hate you and I misjudge you!!”

The teacher turned and noticed a student who was silent throughout this discussion, approached and asked him what his thought on this. The student replied: “Teacher, I feel this woman would shout: “Take care of our child!” Teacher got surprised and asked if he knew the story..? This student shook the head and said: “No! But when my mother was sick and dying, that was what she said to my father.” Teacher emotionally replied: “That’s correct answer!”

Teacher went on to relate that the cruise ship indeed sank eventually and the man returned to his village to raise his daughter all by himself. Many years later, the man passed away. The daughter was packing up her father’s belongings when she noticed his diary.

Indeed, when his parents were on board the cruise ship, her mother was at the last stage of cancer. At that critical moment, for survival sake, her father jumped in the rescue boat. Later in his diary, she discovered the truth. In the diary, he wrote: “How I wish to stay with you to the bottom of the ocean. But, I cannot because of our daughter. I have to let you go.. sleep in the deep ocean.”

When the story concluded, the classroom was silent. No one spoke a word.. Somehow, teacher knew that her students understood the story and had learned some important lessons that day. Sometimes it is hard to distinguish the good and evil just by looking at the surface of the situation. One has to dig further to unearth the truth.

The Call Of True Love, What Would You Do?

When I read this story, I knew exactly how the woman felt when she shout: “Take care of our child!” I knew under the same circumstance, I would do likewise. A mother’s heart is constantly weighing down by the welfare of her children. I believe the father’s heart is likewise. I never understood this truth clearly, until I became a step-mother to Michelle in 2007 and a mom to David in 2012. So, my question to you today is :”What would you do?”


Upon reflection, I recalled the love of God. Have you heard of John 3:16

The Bible says:

16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

This verse written was from the heart of a father, except that in this case God is the Father. The call of true love is therefore love that is sacrificial and self-denying just like the man and woman mentioned in the story above.  They never put themselves first, rather, the welfare of their daughter comes ahead of their needs. Jesus answered that call to love and to serve as a man, yet never lose sight of God and His calling. Have you received that gift of love found in Jesus and Jesus alone? In your journey this year, to unearth more truth,  I hope you will find abundant joy in knowing Jesus and be known by Him. May you have an awesome week, seeking the truth.

Blessings from ours to yours,



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