Project 2017

Project 2017 – Do You Have A ‘I Met Jesus’ Testimony?

Our latest project 2017 

Do you have a ‘I Met Jesus‘ testimony? We would like to build project 2017 this year entitled: I met Jesus. This project  includes testimonies of men and women whose lives got changed because of meeting with Jesus. All in all, we hope to bring a message to testify to the power of Jesus who changes our lives. It’s all about sharing what Jesus did that transformed our lives.

Meanwhile, there are those who do not know Jesus because they never hold a conversation with Him. We hope that through this platform, some will get to know Jesus. Otherwise, they may continue to miss the opportunity to build a relationship with Him. If you believe that Jesus changed your life and that knowing Jesus is the best decision you’ve made, then join us in this special project.

Even if you are a blessing to one

Even if you believe you are a blessing to one, your testimony will transform that one life. It’s all worth it! For in the parable of the lost sheep, the shepherd went looking for that lost sheep despite the ninety-nine which stayed with him. That one lost sheep matters to the shepherd. Be a part of DOTA Project 2017

The time of Jesus’ second coming is near, we cannot continue to wait and let others do it. This is an exciting time to do something, reaching people for Jesus. We are not made for dullness, for blending along with others.  We should shine brightly so others will see Jesus in us.

Contact us

If you like to share how you met Jesus, please contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We would love to hear from you.

Remember, Jesus needs to shine through you!

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