2017 summer project

2017 Summer Project – What’s Next?

2017 summer project- Summer is around the corner again and are you busy working on your next project?

Dealing With Our Loss – 2017 summer project

In April earlier this year, for the first time, we noticed a dramatic change and a crisis at hand that forced us to act immediately because my husband’s beloved pine tree did not make it through the spring. It seemed like our pine tree got all dried up from top to bottom and instead of growing fresh green pines, we had dead and brown needles that dropped all over our front yard.

Meanwhile, my poor husband was absolutely disheartened. For weeks, he tried to save this tree by watering and fertilizing it however, nothing happened. Meanwhile, the tree remained brown and dried as it was before with absolutely no sign of life in that tree.

As time went by, he got devastated.  One day, our neighbor came by and wanted to know what our action plan was. The discussion did not end up well and my husband parted way with him. As you know, my husband got emotional thinking about losing this tree.

The History Behind The Pine – 2017 summer project

Why my husband got devastated after seeing our dead pine tree? He has always been sentimental to memories and objects that attached to the givers of the gifts. One of such special person was his mom’s mom. He has had such fond memories of his Grandma Dunlap.

You see, this special gift of tiny tree was given by his Grandma Dunlap for his first Christmas tree. The special memory of how his parents helped to plant this tree right in the front yard of their house. He would often to this day, talked about his special tree.

In addition, since his siblings’ trees  came down, and with one left, it seemed especially relevant to him that, that remaining tree became significant for all 3 of them. Sadly, it didn’t last as long as he hoped for.

What Action Plan Next? – 2017 summer project

My husband called a tree expert to come and take a look at our tree, hoping that in some way, this tree could be saved. Unfortunately, he assessed it and concluded that the tree was dead.

He called the tree care team to come and take down our tree. We decided to make the remaining stump into a tree chair for our son, David in honor of our tree.

Now what’s next you may ask? Here is where my next project begin. First of all, I am planning to create a path to get to our tree chair and probably create a little path that would go around the edge of our garden. Hopefully, it would turn out well this summer. Do you have any plan to work on your garden this summer? What do you think of the idea? As for now. it’s an idea in my mind that needs action. So, what’s your 2017 summer project?

In conclusion, if you would like to share yours, do feel free to write about it and share with our readers. If however, you would like to know what other project we have, please click on the link to find out more. We would love to hear from you. Check out our Facebook page. Until then, happy hunting and enjoy your summer.


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