Good Friday

Do you keep Good Friday close to your heart? Have you heard of the name Jesus? Who is He? Why does the world remember Him on Good Friday? If you are a disciple of Jesus Christ, praise God. If not, click on the link ‘this special day‘ and find out why Jesus did what He did on the cross. We are set free from sins at a costly price.

Good Friday is the day we remember how we received grace. A gift we do not deserved. A gift freely given with His blood. A gift we can never repay.

Good Friday

Good Friday

Today we remember this special day because of what one man did. The Son of God gave His life to be crucified on the Cross so we can live. Thank you for choosing to obey Your Father’s Will and because of that, we are grateful, we have life eternal. A gift that is given free, but not  without a cost.

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