Spring /Summer Project 2015 Contest

Project 2015 Contest

Project 2015 contest is on! We are excited about this project contest in 2015.

Time waits for no man.. how true is that? Now, another year has gone by and we are fresh into 2015.  We pray and hope that 2015 has been awesome for you thus far and God will continue to guide you into His greater calling in your life.

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Spring is an exciting season of the life for undertaking new projects and adventure. The first glimpse of a new start in life comes in the season of spring where life begins. You get excited when you catch the first shoot that springs out of a bud of a bare tree, don’t you? Simply because you know for sure spring is on its way. Often our spring projects stretch over to summer, so we pray that this spring/summer will bring a new start for you for a better year and full of God’s wonderful blessings to come.

In light of this, we are pleased to make an announcement that would get you excited about what’s in store. This year, we are holding a contest for the best story of your 2015 spring/summer projects. We hope you are thrilled about this adventure with us. Send in your story about your project and we will select the best out of the submitted stories. The winner will be awarded with an exclusive prize.

Come on board with us and take on this adventure of a lifetime. The closing date for this contest will be on the first day of fall, which is September 23rd 2015. The announcement for the winner will be released on October 10th 2015.

Contest Requirements

1. Story submitted cannot be from a past project you had done. It has to be this year’s project with photos to show the process. The best original story will be picked as the winner.

2. Any entry that is copied from the internet will be disqualified.

3. Give us an account of why the submitted project is chosen as your 2015 spring/summer project.

4. A participant has to be a member of Daughters Of The Almighty (DOTA) Facebook page. Click like to join and receive our latest update as well as changes to the contest.

5. Contest is open to any one, ranges from 13 – 65 years old, male or female all are welcome to participate.

If you have any question about this contest, contact us. Have fun and start planning!

To read all about How to submit your project? Please select under Inspirational Project 2015, click on Questions and Answers on the top menu of the page.  Thank you!



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