Turning Point Is Critical For Greater Blessing

Turning Point Is Scary

Turning point is scary for every new mom, but is so critical for future blessings. Do you resist changes in your journey? I know I do, you are not alone. My little dude who just turns 7, has been home schooled since he started Kindergarten. This year, in his 2nd grade, he is attending a public school and I am nervous.

Turning point

Yokomi Elementary Science and Technology Magnet School

Why am I nervous?

Public schools in California are not Christians friendly. Bullying is a huge problem and academically advanced learners are often not schools top priority. Therefore, they are academically unchallenged and advanced students are held back.

Turning point – I am excited and hopeful

Every turn that happens in our lives is God’s provision for something new. In other words, God is working out something new and it is exciting. Every change is important because God has a purpose for that change.

Why am I excited despite being nervous? When I was praying for David about attending public school, I asked to put him in a good school. God answered my prayer. I never imagine that David would attend a magnet school because the path was difficult. Yet, God opened that impossible door for him. I knew right away that God would take care of David.

Meanwhile, in my inner heart I knew God has had something for me as well. He eased my nervousness and reminded me that He is in control. He gave me John 14:27. Therefore, with that inner peace, I surrendered.

Turning point
David turns 7 and he is enjoying school

Just 3 weeks into attending his new school, I saw David flourished and growing up. He is learning to interact with his peers in school. At the same time, he learns to follow instructions and solving his own problems in school. Truly, God is taking care of him.

In His perfect time, God will work out all things good

Do you believe God has His perfect timing for all things? Every season has its purpose and God is in control and He works out all things together for the good of those who love Him and are called according to His purpose. (Romans 8:28)

In conclusion, do not resist new changes. Instead, let Him fulfill His purpose in you and your family for the new season in your life.

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Bless Our Children God In New School Year!

Bless our children God


Bless their school year with great stride in learning and give them resilience mindsets. Father, instills in them, hearts filled with thanksgiving and generosity to share. Meanwhile, may you show them Your way and teach them to follow You.

As parents, while we are busy preparing our children for a brand new school year, God prepare us all to place them in Your Mighty hands. Above all Father, give us Your peace so we can confidently let go and let You take full control.

Bless our daily quiet moments with you as we intercede for precious ones in their schools.

Protect and keep them safe

Protect our children Father, and keep them safe. Similarly, may You watch over each one of them as they learn and play. Most of all, may Your mighty angels surround them wherever they go.

No enemy will lay their hands on our children. Above all Father, gives our children a year that they truly enjoy learning and great stride in growing and knowing You.

Grow in knowledge and will not depart from You

Father, help our children to grow in knowledge and at the same time, they will not depart from You. In Your sovereignty, help our children know that science does not need to work against You.

That You created them with great sound minds to comprehend Math and the ability to read. Our children will remember You’ve created them for time such as this. Give them boldness to ask questions and seek Your truth even in their path of learning.

Father, give our children Your wisdom. Your wisdom to distinguish what is right from wrong. Give our children Your wisdom to stand with courage, to answer with wisdom, to grow in statue. For when in doubt, they will seek Your Word.

Bless our children to become positive contributors

Through this new school year Father, bless our children to become positive contributors to our society. Father, show them that through their gifts You’ve bestowed on them, they can do good and bring You honor.

Bless our children
Bless our children God

In conclusion, bless our children in this new school year Father God. If you like our article, like our Facebook page.

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To Inherit Eternal Life – What Shall I Do?

Inherit Eternal Life

In today’s text, we talk about Mark 10:17-27. Now, the key question lies in what the rich young ruler asked Jesus: ‘ Good Teacher, what shall I do to inherit eternal life?’ In order to understand this question, it is important for us to begin by asking: ‘ Where this question comes from?’

The Rich Young Ruler

This question came from the rich young ruler. He asked a question that he probably could relate to. Being the rich young ruler, he must have inherited his wealth from his father. The word inherit means to receive (money, property, or a title) as an heir at the death of the previous holder.

‘What shall I do to receive eternal life?’ According to gotquestions.org, eternal life simply means a gift of God that comes only “through Jesus Christ our Lord”. Then, Jesus told him how.

You Know The Commandments

‘Do not murder, Do not commit adultery, Do not steal, Do not bear false witness, Do not defraud, Honor your father and mother.’” The rich young ruler replied: “Teacher, I have kept all these things from my youth up.”

Looking at him, Jesus felt a love for him and said to him, “One thing you lack: go and sell all you possess and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, follow Me.”

However, at these words he was saddened, and he went away grieving, for he was one who owned much property.

Did The Rich Young Ruler Receive Eternal Life?

Sadly, the answer was no. The rich young ruler’s approach to eternal life was wrong. When he asked what he must do to inherit eternal life, he wanted to own more stuff. In other words, what was that one more thing I could have?

The truth is, Jesus knew his heart. After all, He said to receive eternal life, he had to ‘give away’. In the same way, He basically said to the rich young ruler: ‘Not to own more, but to give away’. The rich young ruler went away feeling grieved and saddened.

What Have I missed?

Meanwhile, ask yourself this question: ‘ Am I another ‘rich young ruler’? Unlike the rich young ruler this time, will you ask yourself today: ‘What have I missed?’ After that, ask Jesus to show you your true heart and seek His Kingdom instead.

Then Jesus gave an illustration about how difficult it is for the rich to enter the Kingdom of God. In Mark 10:25, He said: ‘It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.’

Thankfully, in verse 27, Jesus also said: ‘With man this is impossible, but not with God; all things are possible with God.’

In conclusion, the message of today’s text is to seek first the Kingdom of God. Therefore when you do, know for sure that all your needs after that, God will meet them faithfully.

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Colors Of The Rainbow Encompass All

Colors Of The Rainbow


Colors of the rainbow

Ever ask what are the colors of the rainbow? It encompasses of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. In short, you get Roy G. Biv.

Ever since I heard of the story of Noah’s ark, I fell in love with God’s rainbow. It was the one thing that I kept my eyes on, every time I travel.

Often time, I would look into the sky and hope maybe I spot a rainbow especially after a heavy rainfall and the sun appeared.

 Encompass All – A student Life In Adelaide

When I turned 30, I left my family to study in Adelaide, South Australia in 2000. My first week at the campus was bearable because my little sister was with me. When she left, I felt miserable.

First time in my life, I was all alone. You see, I came from a big family of 13. I was hardly alone, often with my traveling partner, my little sister. But now, thing changed. I bawled my eyes out first week of school. I never felt that out of place ever in my life.

Please tell me I’m not the odd one out. Anyway, I spent a lot of time talking to God. When God is the only friend you know..

One Unique Sunday Afternoon

One unique Sunday afternoon, my life changed. I left my room and walked to the Sport Hall alone. I seek God for His presence that afternoon. While I was contemplating, I looked up the clear sky after a shower, and I saw the most beautiful double rainbow.

Immediately, I felt God telling me: ‘I am with you’. A peace fell upon me. A peace that I never experienced before filled me and I knew for the first time, I was where I should be.

I received a promise from God that I would not be alone just like God promised Noah that through the rainbow, the earth would never be destroyed by flood again.

A Journey Of Faith Begun


After that unique encounter with God, my journey as a student in a strange land became an exciting time of my life. I learned that joy of being independent and my faith in God grew and strengthened as I made new friends and grew through a Christian students group.

God took me out of my comfort zone and grew my faith in Him through His rainbow. Therefore I am truly thankful for this journey in this amazing strange land of Australia.

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Fight A Good Fight – One Journey, One Time

Fight Like Its The End, With No Second Chance

Fight a good fight. We are all on this journey together, given one time, to make it to the end. What will it be? How would it turn out? Ever wonder is it all worth it?

If you have one thing, given one time to make it right, what would that be? Your career, your family, your purpose and existence here on earth, your values and moral codes, your sense of non existence, your dream and hope or even ‘I don’t have a choice, do I’ mindset?


Live Like There Is No Tomorrow, With No Chance For A Mistake

We are on this journey whether we like it or not. We share limited resources as well as whatever mess we create, together. According to the latest statistics, 7.71 billions people share this earth whether we live to agree or disagree with each other.

If you have no tomorrow, how would you live today? Would your day be different and what would you change?

Work Like Everything Depends On It, There Is No Way Out

Since we have to go along and there is no way out of this, lets give commitment a try. If you have to stay committed to one thing, what would that be?

A worth dying for relationship? Or a life goal and a dream worth pursuing? A vision of a better tomorrow? Solving the world’s problems? Follow your pursuit of happiness?


You Are Not Alone On This Journey

Whatever that dream and hope maybe, stay on course and stay committed. Meanwhile, be relentless and work like your life depends on it. Never give it up without a good fight. Always know you have given it all. Make a commitment to yourself to live everyday without regrets.

I would like to leave you with one final thought and that is, know for certain, you are not alone on this journey. When you look up to the dark starry stars, remember we share this vast magnificent skyline together.

In the night, its glow will guide you through the dark. In the morning, its warmth will bring you a brand new hope and strength to fight on, another day, another challenge but never alone.

We will get through this journey together.

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California Earthquakes – Personal Reflection

California Earthquakes-What Is God Saying?

California earthquakes are common over the years. However, this week, California experienced scares of strong earthquakes within 48 hours. On July 4th, we experienced a 6.4 earthquake centered in the Kern County city of Ridgecrest, near Southern California.

Subsequently, on July 5th we were hit with another 5.4 aftershock in the early morning and a 7.1 stronger earthquake that had its epicenter near Ridgecrest right about 8.20pm that night.

First Emotional Earthquake

My first ever experience of it having been living in the Northern California for 11 years going 12. It was in the late morning, while I was seated on a sofa in my backroom, busy with my phone. Suddenly, I felt my sofa rolling.. I stop and tried to understand what was happening.
There I felt that rolling again.. and it kept rolling for a while. Thinking I imagined everything up, all in my head, I hurried to affirm what happened. I asked my father-in-law if he felt something and he confirmed an earthquake just occurred.
I ran and asked my husband if he felt it. He was still in bed while my 6-year-old was still asleep. In a way, I was nervous and yet excited at the same time. Does anyone know that complex feeling..? So, that was how I finally experienced my very first earthquake.

Second Nerve Wrecking California Earthquake

Never would I imagine that my second experience of it would be just a day after. I was relaxing and was on Facebook at the time when the second occurred. This time it was different. I felt the quake and it was strong. I saw our house ‘moving’. It wasn’t just my chair or my sofa but the entire house moved. It lasted for a quite a while in which I was told it lasted 45 seconds.
This time, I got my son’s attention and he felt something. After the initial fear went off, he resumed to playing his games. I wasn’t sure what I needed to do, to leave or stay. Finally, the ‘moving’ stopped. My husband and father-in-law who were more experienced than me, were however, calmer. My second time experiencing earthquake was more nerve wrecking, definitely.

‘Is God addressing California Earthquakes’? Where would I want to spend my eternity?

Back to my initial question, ‘Is God addressing California’? The truth is I do not know. But, the experiences did get me thinking about my relationship with Him. The truth is I need to address where I would want to spend my eternity. If I should die tonight, would I die in peace knowing where I would spend my eternity?
Never be deceived that just because you were once saved, therefore you are forever saved. If for some reasons, you have kept your sin, refusing to give it up, this would be the time to do so. Go and get right with God. Be sure that you are ready to meet Him any time.
May God have mercy on my soul.
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Define Holy – Is Holiness Attainable?

Define Holy – Is it attainable?

How do you define holy? The question: Is holiness attainable? The idea of holiness is often perceived as  impossible. In my attempt to discuss what holiness is and address the question if holiness  is truly attainable, I hope to address what I believe is in the heart of God.

Holiness is pure delight in God’s sight.

Holy, What Is It?

How should we define holy? According to Dictionary.com Holy is defined as consecrated or declared sacred by religious use. Similarly, it also means having a spiritually pure quality.

When God created Adam and Eve, did He envision that they will forever be innocent and pure? Was God ever shocked when His creations fell? When Archangel Lucifer rebelled and brought one-third of the angels’ population with him, did God know what was coming?

God who is the all knowing, I believe He knows everything right from the beginning.

What Was God Looking For?

Was it therefore reasonable to expect that God’s creations failed His tests time and time again? So, why then did God not stop them? He could have destroyed everything that He ever built and start all over again.. Or did He?

What then was God looking for? If you remember in the days of Noah, what did God do? God picked Noah who was righteous and blameless among the people of his time. It was described as a time ‘the wickedness of man was great in the earth‘ and ‘every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually.’ (Genesis 6:5-6)

Noah’s given task was to build an ark according to God’s measurement in preparation of a coming flood that could destroy the earth. Apparently, God was determined to destroy the earth due to a time of great wickedness and evil. Did God intent to start all over again with Noah? Revelation 21:1

God was looking for one thing and that is a holy people. All through the Bible, God is consistently looking to find a group of holy people that belong to Him.

Why A Group Of Holy People?

God says: ‘Be holy as I am holy‘. The record of King David’s life in the Bible mentioned that God found David, the son of Jesse, a ‘man after mine own heart‘. Was David a righteous and blameless man through his whole life?

Unfortunately, no, he wasn’t. We saw his fallen nature in the Bible. Why then was David recorded as a man after God’s own heart? Did David regret over his wrong doing? Did he repent? Yes, he did.

In Psalms 51, David expressed and confessed his sins before God, seeking God’s forgiveness for what he did. He was never a holy King, yet, God acknowledge his failings and made him known as a man after His own heart.

Seeking after God’s heart is really what God desires. What brings delight to Him? God sees the heart of men, the thoughts and what lies deep within.

Is It Possible To Live A Holy Life?

Be Holy As I Am

God sent His Son Jesus Christ to die on the Cross for our sins. The blood of Jesus cleanse us from all unrighteousness. The life of Jesus transformed and continue to transform all His disciples, in the early days as well as present.

The 33 years that Jesus spent on earth guide us to the path of holiness. The presence of the Holy Spirit in us as believers, guide and lead us to God’s holiness.

If a holy life is not possible, the promise of the Holy Spirit is futile. Have you heard of the Holy Spirit? Ezekiel 36:26-27, John 16:7-15, Ephesians 1:13-14 Holy Spirit is from and of God and He is God.

A life that submits to the leading of the Holy Spirit results in holiness. Trust and obey is the path to a holy life. Such examples are the lives of Peter, Paul, John and James. In the end, they died for the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Would any ordinary man die for a cause beyond him? The 11 disciples of Jesus died as martyrs for their faith. God looks for His holy people whose hearts desire to bring delight and glory to His name. They live and die only to honor Him by bringing the Gospel of Jesus to all nations.

More of you God

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Your heritage your family name – reveals you

Your heritage and your self-worth –  Be proud of who you are!

 When someone tease your family name, tell them you are proud of who you are. Do not let anyone make you feel ashamed because you are bullied for it.  Your family name is something you inherit from generations before you. Your heritage, your family name reveals who you are. 

What and why should you be proud?

What should you be proud of and why should you? These are questions you need to ask in your search for answers. You are not proud of yourself in this case.


You are proud of where you come from. Many that came before you and many that had passed on. The legacies that they left behind that you can be proud of and be glad that you are a part of.

You should be proud of the many stories that your parents talk about. They are not stories of any strangers, but your great grandparents, grandparents and great grandaunt, uncles and aunts.

Those whom you are directly related to. Those whom you have never met, but knew so much because of the stories your parents share with you. That you secretly wish you have known them in person. That one day, you get to ask them questions you are dying to ask.

Visit your heritage and learn more

Plan for a trip to visit the country of your heritage. Learn more about your culture and what makes you just the way you are. If you are born with 2 distinct cultures and heritage, it simply means you inherit greater flavorful uniqueness that few can understand or appreciate.

Discover your heritage

Dig deeper into your family history and learn more about your ancestors and their lives’ struggles. Sometimes they help you appreciate what you are going through. They help you understand the why, you are you.

Meanwhile visit ancestors.com and begin to search for more information into your family history. You maybe surprised what you find out. Be proud of who you are and where you come from. Never be ashamed of your heritage.

Visit Daughters of the Almighty and discover more about your heritage as sons and daughters of our Abba Father in Heaven.

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Pay attention and listen when God speaks

Pay attention God Speaks To Us Through Various Ways

Recently, my son David pay attention and drew this picture during his art lesson. He remained focused and refused being interrupted until he completed this scene. As he explained what he drew, I felt God tugged on my heart string.

Pay attention

‘A storm coming, lots of rain, flood, houses and people in the water.’ He continued. I had a chill running up my spine. I wondered how much my son knew about what the news forecast over the hurricane Florence. Was he aware?

This picture that he drew was a couple of days before the hurricane.  This is likely coming from God because I have never seen David that focused before.

He remained determine to complete it without being interrupted. He had to get it out of his head. Like I said, God speaks! We need to pay attention and listen.

Pay attention! In 2004, God spoke to me through a dream.

To this day, the dream I had remained clear and vivid in my head. The year 2004 between December 24th – 25th, I had a dream. I dreamed that I got trapped between a fire (outside) and a wall. I was not in danger that I knew.

The fire was huge and stirred a fear within me. I touched the wall and it was hot. Much later I shared this dream with my sister. She had a vision of that sort as well.

The difference was I did not pray and I fell asleep. Then a major news broke out on December 26th, 2004.

Hundreds of thousands of people died as a result of a massive tsunami that hit Aceh in Indonesia and other parts of South East Asia.

It brought me tears and regret for ignoring the warning. How did I know? After talking it over with my sister, I realized God spoke and I never pay attention.

Today, I pay attention and pray when God speaks

Sometimes, it takes us a while to realize the seriousness that when God speaks, He wants us to pay attention and listen to Him. Lives may depend on our action and willingness to seek God for answers.

Take God’s prompting seriously. Pay attention and listen when He speaks! Listen and pay attention to this. You are God’s ambassador.

God works through your obedience. It is a privilege to work as His hands and feet.





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I have a dream for a non-profit to help families

I have a dream that one day I have the courage to set up a non-profit organization to help families who need respite care. How did this dream drift about? Out of my own desperate unmet needs.

Reasons for the need of this non-profit

There are many families in need of some sort of respite care and are not getting the help they need.

  There is no organization offering any kind of help unless families receive Medicare.  Families are expected to live at absolutely poverty level before help is ensured.

This leave several unqualified families, in need of desperate help hanging and struggling on their own.

We need non-profits that are able to provide some sort of help whether or not they qualify for Medicare because let’s face it, all full-time caregivers need respite one time or many.


In fact, full-time caregivers are at high risk of depression, exhaustion. Often they struggle to build healthy marriages and families.

We need to build healthy families and reduce the rate of divorces in this nation. 

Families are expected to survive on their own is a wide spread expectation in our society. Even to these days, we are expected to ‘make it on our own’ regardless.

Non-profit provides breakthrough to families to rebuild and restore

Some families simply need a lift or a push to get through their darkest time. Once they got over that hurdle, they are often able to rebuild and restore on their own.

My goal is to encourage them to give back and help another family struggling like they do and give a helping hand by paying forward.

If truly this movement catches on and families begin to help one another in need, many lives are changed for the better.

We will definitely see a steep decline in the divorce rate in this nation. Families helping families, that’s my ultimate dream come true.

Final challenge

Will you join me and believe that this dream can come true and will one day become a reality with many thriving healthy families and a stronger nation because of it.


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