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DOTA is all about a group of ordinary women who love God and would love to share God’s love through our thoughts and lives with you.

 A Brief Introduction of our authors

About Eileen Dick

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About the author:

Eileen Dick, born into a large family of 11, rank number 8, is a native Chinese Singaporean. At the age of 30, she left her beloved hometown to study all she could, knowledge about various types of disabilities in order to serve better in the community and in this field.  She who is born with a cleft palate herself,  wanted to serve God and help children with disabilities.  She ended up living in Adelaide, South Australia for 7 years, finished her bachelor degree in Applied Science (Disability studies) and worked in an organization that worked closely with children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Prior to that, she was working as a Special Education teacher in 2 special schools back in Singapore for a duration of 5 years. She is now happily married to Dan Dick, the Founder of Nodivorces and Godsblogs. Eileen is blessed with her lovely step-daughter, Michelle Inez Dick who just turned 22 years old this January 2015. In 2012, David Joshua Jun Jie Dick was added to this family.  At present, Dan and Eileen reside in Fresno California.

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About Emily Hostetler

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About the author:

Emily Hostetler, a treasured sister of Eileen Dick. Our new blogger enlisted to come on board in 2015. Welcome to DOTA, Emily! We look forward to read your blogs and be blessed by them. More about Emily..

I came from a big family of eleven. There are six girls and five boys, I am the sixth child.  I am married with one child. Doing craft and baking are not only my hobbies, I also enjoy jewelry making. I hope to be a blessing through my writings.

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