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Political Correctness Is Out Of Control, Walking On Egg Shells Is No Freedom

 Political Correctness Is Out Of Control

Is political correctness blamed for many caught walking on egg shells, in homes, work places and social media? What do you think? By the way, have you heard the song ‘I’m walking on sunshine..’? Just a candid comparison to show how it feels to walk on sunshine and walking on egg shells. Be honest, which do you prefer?

Political correctness

The reason for raising this social situation is because we need a more honest and tougher look at what’s happening today.  Insisting on political correctness mentality is spun out of control. At the same time, it takes away our freedom in so many ways.

When did we first hear the phrase ‘political correctness’ before? What does it mean to our families, colleagues at work and online friends on social media? In addition to all my questions, here is the last one: ‘Why is being politically correct so important socially?’ Have you ask why?

How Does Political Correctness Take Away Our Freedom?

Whenever we have to watch over our shoulders to say something in the open, in retrospect, we have no freedom. Unfortunately, a leaked written memo that came out of Google became viral because what was written offended his colleagues and was ultimately shamed on the media this week.

I honestly did not agree with his perspective on some points. Yet, when Google CEO fired him, the news shocked me. Apart from what I think, I do not agree that his memo was worthy of firing. Was he fired for the wrong reasons? He responded by planning to file a complaint against Google.

Did he have the right to respond the way he did? In a way, the firing forced the former Google employee to ‘shut up’. Would that stop him from making his mind known? Did someone take his freedom away? What do you think?

Political Correctness Censors And Robs Our Freedom

This week, Bob Nelson, Fresno Unified’s interim superintendent was on the news. His statement: ‘you have kids who are extremely moldable at this stage, and if you start telling them that LGBT is OK and that it’s a way of life, well maybe you just swayed the kid to go that way‘ brought fire and fury to the LGBT community and an LGBT activist demanded that he should be fired for his statement to the local newspaper, Fresno Bee.

As a mom, I agree with Bob because our young children are visual learners. They cannot process abstract information like the older kids do. These materials are complex and not age appropriate. They often easily persuaded in order to gain an adult’s approval.

Here is another classic example of how often we are walking on egg shells. When a minority group opposes our perspective, we become offensive to them. This clearly reinforce what I’ve to highlight in this article.

Is Tolerance The Answer To Political Correctness And Freedom?

How is intolerance acceptable to some speeches and not to others? Why do we punish those who speak their minds? When do we violate free speech and free press? How can we hold a double standard on free speech when in truth, freedom is for all? Not exclusively for just some of the elite members of the club.

I choose to respectfully disagree and allow him the freedom to express his honest opinion. I also realize we have limit in what we can and cannot tolerate. Now, you are being judgmental.. or am I? We need a tougher look and be honest about what we are able to tolerate and what’s intolerable to us. In the case of Bob Nelson, I believe in what he said and we should protest if Fresno Unified School District fires him.

In retrospect, have we been fair or are we equally judgmental to those who differ from our perspective? As a result, we took away his freedom to be himself, to express his thoughts on various matters. Are we being fair to him as a nation? How about Bob’s case?

Walking On Egg Shells Is No Freedom

If we have to walk on egg shells all the time, the truth of the matter is, we have no freedom. No freedom in speech and actions and most of all, no freedom of the press. Whenever a person gets punish for putting an opinion in print, we rob him or her the freedom to express who he or she is. For a nation that actively encourage freedom, this is unacceptable.

My conclusion to this article is that if we therefore, cannot disagree with respect to those who have different opinions from us, we take away the freedom that belong to all. Can we at the least agree with this?




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Entitlement Or Freedom?

Entitlement or freedom

Entitlement is the language of our future generation and is also the reason they fight so hard. What is entitlement by the way? In a nutshell, ‘entitlement is the fact of having a right to something‘. Meanwhile, my next question, is freedom a right? If freedom is our ‘right’ why then do we need to fight for it? Do we truly understand what it means to have freedom? So what is freedom then?

According to, ‘freedom is the power to determine action without restraint’. The freedom of speech and of press are highly valued to the American citizens. My question however to all: ‘Is there no room for moral restraint in freedom whether in speech or in press?’

Bible talks about freedom

Today we look at what the Bible talks about freedom.

Entitlement or freedom

When the Bible says ‘..Only do not turn your freedom into an opportunity for the flesh’ it urges me that there is restraint. In other word, think twice brothers. Even though you have the freedom, do not let it become an opportunity for a self-centered act. Rather, through love, serve one another. The word serve does not mean lord it over others. It means to give of oneself humbly. Jesus came to establish the new commandment. In John 13:34, the Bible says:

A new commandment I give you: love one another. As I heave loved you, so also you must love one another.

As I have loved you

The phrase ‘as I have loved you’ tells me about the freedom that He gave up to become a human and lived as one for 33 years. The freedom He gave up when He gave His life in exchange for our sins on that cross. What He gave up to love you and me. Does the freedom you know tells you otherwise?

As disciples of Jesus Christ, the Bible is clear. Choose to love one another as Jesus have loved you. What is freedom if there is no love? To those who do not know Jesus, it is through Him that you will truly have freedom.

Freedom is gain through perfect love. There is no need to fight and no room for demand, simply agape love. Hopefully, the next time you think about entitlement or freedom, you think about what Jesus had to give up to love you.

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Declare The Year Of Freedom

Our theme declares 2017 the year of freedom. Freedom brings new life for many.


To all our loyal readers, thank you for your support and allowing our presence to bring some fresh insight to you last year.

Meanwhile, we extend a warm welcome to our new readers to Daughters Of The Almighty (DOTA). Wishing you are on your way to a good start as you live out the first month of the new year 2017.

2016 was especially harsh due to the election year. However, let’s set aside what happened in the past and focus on what is good that is coming this new year. Our theme therefore declares the year of freedom in 2017.

Why? You may ask?

Well, it’s very simple. As it we mentioned earlier, last year was harsh. The pain and frustration kept us in bondage. Fear resulted in panic and irrational decisions..

We need healing and freedom more than ever. Who can set us free? That’s a good question.. In this first part of this year, we like to bring to your attention a special man. We focus on who He is and why He qualifies to set us free this year.

As many of us have new resolutions bringing new expectations into our new year, DOTA expects the beginning of a new life as we declare the year of freedom in 2017. We got excited when we received new revelations about what God is doing this new year.

 our hope is that you have much more to look forward to this new year because for some, it truly is the beginning of a new life.

Thank you for allowing DOTA be a part of your life journey. Hopefully, what we share with you this year will be meaningful, thought-provoking, life changing and a blessing for you in 2017.

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Your heritage your family name – reveals you

When someone tease your family name, tell them you are proud of who you are. Do not let anyone make you feel ashamed because you are bullied for it. Your family name is something you inherit from generations before you. Your heritage, your family name reveals who you are. Continue reading

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Vision 2018 – What God Spoke To My Heart

What God Spoke To My Heart (Vision 2018)

 As I sat down to ponder what DOTA‘s vision 2018 would look like, I recall what God spoke to my heart that got stuck deep within and it never left me since then.
On an early winter morning, I was alone sipping my cup of a delicious coffee. While my husband and father-in-law were away for an early morning doctor appointment and my son still soundly asleep, God spoke:
 “Do not resent or underestimate what God is doing if He is training you to get ready for what’s in store. Rejoice and submit for His greater plan is not to harm you but to bring you a future and a hope.”
The word of God is power and life transforming
One night as my husband and I laid on bed and I started sharing with him what I gathered from God lately and what I believed He spoke to me. He said: ‘Do not underestimate what you’re going through.’ ‘Do not resent because the path is tough.’ ‘I am training you for something to come.’
While I poured out my heart to my husband, to my surprise, he too received the same message from God. We do not often find ourselves at the same receiving end. But, when we do, the emotion is incredible.
WOW!! YOU TOO!!! UNBELIEVABLE!!!! That was awesome, by the way.
Pouring Of My Heart
So, we believe God has His hands on our lives. We do not simply welcome blessings and goodness in our lives. God has His purpose when He insists that He put us where we do not want to be in but where He believes we needed to be. We simply have to trust that God knows what He is doing.
The last 3 years have been tough. Sometimes, my faith is tested so much that I literally had to grit my teeth and endure through. Hoping for breakthrough and disappointed. Seeking for relief that never came through. Stuck in a circumstance that never see the light of day.
I am sure, you would understand these struggles in life. I am sure I am not the only one that had gone through these, part and puzzle of life.
When you find yourself in a similar situation, submit. It is easier to say it now. The struggle is real. But, eventually, I learned to submit and the peace of God came. When you are ready to listen, He will speak.

Take Time To Reflect And Seek God For Your Vision 2018


Vision 2018

Without Faith it is impossible to please God

2018 is coming. Take time to reflect the year and seek God for your future. If you think your plan for next year is great, God’s plan for you is greater. For He does not narrow His vision to 2018, He has your entire life in His hands. Walk only where He shine the path before you because that is what it means to live by FAITH.
Trust Him even though the rest of the path is dim and foggy. He will lead the way and you simply follow, never alone.
Finally, may you anticipate the year of breakthrough in 2018. Living out the promise of a future and hope that God gave in Jeremiah 29:11. #year2018 #DOTA
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Bullying – A Deadly Epidemic That Needs To End

Bullying – A Deadly Epidemic That Needs To End

Do you know? Bullying is becoming a deadly epidemic in America. Yet, quite frankly, we are nowhere near addressing this issue. Will we ever see an end to bullying? For now, I simply cannot see how unless we as a nation address this with absolute honesty and says: ‘Enough is enough!’

Today, in my attempt to discuss the problems behind bullying, I hope to show you how serious and deadly this epidemic actually is and why we need to do something to stop it.

Bullying Happens Everywhere Not Just In Schools

Bullying does not happen just in schools. In fact, we see it daily and it is happening everywhere and at every level. We see it in work places, over the media and social networks, at home and sadly, our children pick it up and use it for various reasons.

Many of our children become victims to bullying and sadly, more are choosing suicide to get out of it. The bullying suicide statistics is ever climbing at an alarming rate. So have you wonder why so many of our children are either bullied or are bullies themselves?

Reasons Why People Choose Bullying

Bullying is not an issue just for our children alone, it is also for the adults. Why do people choose to bully?

People choose to bully because they are

  1. stressed out and they simply slap their frustration on another person.
  2. insecure and needs to present themselves bigger than they actually are.
  3. cowards who pick on those weaker than them.
  4. in need for affirmation because they lack it.
  5. afraid of those who are different and better than them.
  6. lacking in love from those they seek love and attention.
  7. forceful and do not know how to relate and communicate appropriately.
  8. hurting and manipulate to get what they want.
  9. brought up believing that bullying is okay.
  10. survivors – thinking that only the strongest survive mentality.

Bullying Is A Tell-Tale Sign 

Bullying is a tell-tale sign to something bigger. According the reasons above, I notice that one thing calls out to me. People hide their hurts and are afraid being truthful about their pain and needs.

Why as a society and nation that pursues freedom for its citizens, its people are not free being truthful as they are? Can this inability for truthfulness, a huge problem we have not addressed? A mountain we have no clue where and how to begin looking.


Can we be truthful when we address:

Tolerance – When we call on others for tolerance, we need to look at ourselves and honestly ask and demand that we are able to do likewise. If we are unable to meet that, then we should not put that expectation on anyone.

If we are intolerance of others opinions and views, be truthful about it. As we address others’ inability to tolerate, we need to look inwardly and address it within ourselves why we are intolerant of others at the same time.

Respect – We can agree to disagree on anything. We do not need to resort to name calling to those who disagree with us. When we communicate, we make sure we get our thoughts across clearly and to the point.

Believe that the receiving end of our communication has something good to offer to us.  Be respectful and return with kindness. Be an intensive listener. Simply, do unto others what you would want others to do unto you.

Love – It is not easy to love strangers, am I right? What do we know about them? So, why do we get so upset and frustrated communicating with strangers over the social media? Do we talk to our friends and neighbors in the same way?

The truth: Are we bullying strangers because we do not have to face them like we communicate with colleagues  and neighbors? Simply because there is no consequences to answer to? On the contrary, if we do everything out of love, we can love even strangers whom we do not know.

The Reason Behind This Deadly Epidemic – Bullying

The reason this epidemic is so deadly is because our youths are in crisis. The constant and relentless bullying is wearing our young people out, forcing them to choose suicide as the only option left to ease from their suffering and pain. Often, when a suicide attempt is successful, a life gone and ended.

The hardcore truth is the victims of bullying who attempt suicides are not only our youths but our children in their tween. If we as a society do not address this epidemic, we are going to lose our children to suicides. When will we wake up and do something before it is too late.

In Conclusion

It is not enough talking about what bullying does. We need to as a nation take a deeper look at ourselves, how we treat others, what we show by examples to our children, how we value life, and where we stand on bullying and ultimately how serious are we to say: ‘Enough is enough!’ We have a problem. It is time to end it once and for all.




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Silence Of The Almighty – The Purpose

Can we trust the silence of the Almighty?

Today, I started to write on this segment and hope that we can explore on this subject with depth and perhaps gain a new refreshing revelation later. The truth is not all questions have answers but with God’s revelation, we can get a better understanding of where we are and why we are going through it.

One of the greatest mystery of all is this silence of God right when you think you need Him. Why does God put us through this process? Have you experienced this where you heard from God, that a breakthrough is coming and you have hope and excitement. Suddenly, you got hit by this ‘massive’ silence from God, that left you wondering what you did. Is God angry with me? What have I done wrong this time?

Today, I hope to discuss this with you. Honestly, I have no answer to this yet. Are we on the same boat? Why is it that God cannot understand us? Does He had to figure us out or do we have to figure Him out?

Let me share my story – God’s silence

Declare the year of freedom I was given this for 2017. I did not understand why and how. But, I accepted and believe it was from God. My husband spent time in prayer and received more revelation on it. He believed God will send us to places, namely Spain, and surprisingly, Japan and one other place, I forgot. Japan was a surprise for me as it is a hard land for the gospel.

Next question: How? Dan is unable to find work for over 2 years now. We do not have the income to travel. But deep in my heart, I believe if this revelation is from Him, He will give all we need to get the tasks done.

He received revelation that needs to meet specific conditions before breakthrough comes. Then lately, Dan, my husband became desperate for income to flow in. It was a difficult struggle for us not to have an income for the family. It is either we are fighting with God on this or God is addressing this head on. We are still struggling to figure this out.

Lately in the shower, out of nowhere God dropped a word for us : Your drought is over! When you hear this, you can imagine how exciting I am. Right? Wrong. Next thing you know God is silent since and everything seem to go wrong. We have more frustrations and pain to deal with. Can the word I heard be of God’s?

Is this silence familiar to you?

Do you have a word for our situation? This is a learning curve for us and the struggle is real. Most of all, I share with you honestly today because I believe we are not the only family going through this and at the same time, there is a need for us as believers to understand this mystery. In  hoping that from what we learn, it produces a sweet aroma from the hardship we go through to bring God’s glory and then return it back to Him.

We include a set of questions for your group Bible discussion. Hopeful that this discussion will help bring some light and answers to your circumstance, You are allowed to use my story.

Group Bible Discussion:  Silence of the Almighty

 Study : The Life Of JOB 


  1. Does God have a purpose in His silence? Discuss the possible answers.
  2. What have I done to cause God to remain silent this long?
  3. Is God angry with me?
  4. What does the Bible talk about His silence?
  5. How long should God remain silent?
  6. Why is God silent?
  7. How do we pray for those who go through this?
  8. Is God’s silence an final test for His children?


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I Met Jesus At Jacob’s Well

 At Jacob’s well

I met Jesus and He changed my life – the Samaritan woman at the well. Did you know Christianity is not a religion instead, it is a relationship with Jesus? Today, we look at John 4:1-26 and here, we look at the conversation between the Samaritan woman and Jesus that happened at a well, known as the Jacob’s well.


Conversation With Jesus

My conversation with Jesus occurred at the well. I lived in a small town, called Sychar and many from my town saw me as an indecent woman because of my history. Unlike my daily routine, however, on this day, an unusual meeting with this man Jesus, changed not only my life, also many from the town I lived in.

He began this conversation, asking me for a drink. I could not understand why a Jew would talk to me, a Samaritan woman, or even more so, asked me for a drink? It was weird.. and so I could not believe that we were even having this conversation at all. His replies puzzled me deeply. ‘Who is this man?’ I wondered.

Who Is This Man Jesus?

He said: “If you knew the gift of God and who it is that asks you for a drink, you would have asked him and he would have given you living water.” Did he just say he was greater than our father Jacob, who drank from and gave us this well for generations after, as I questioned him? Then He went on to say:

“Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give them will become in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.”  I so wanted the water he talked about..

Yet, at this point, He asked me to call my husband and come back. I had to politely tell him that I had no husband. His reply shook my world.

Who Told Him That?

He said: “You are right when you say you have no husband. The fact is, you have had five husbands, and the man you now have is not your husband. What you have just said is quite true.” Wow.. how did he know that? He is a prophet!

Our next conversation just blew my mind away. I had no other way but to acknowledge that this man Jesus was the Messiah! To confirm what was on my mind, he said: “I, the one speaking to you—I am he.” Who would say such a thing? Yet, my world turned upside down because of Jesus.

After my encounter with Jesus I had to leave without my jar, when his disciples came to look for him. Immediately, I told the entire town about my conversation with Jesus. Many from the town believed what I shared with them. You know what? Jesus stayed on, in our town for the next 2 days and many like me, believed Jesus is the Savior of the world.


How many of us came to know Jesus through a conversation with Him? An encounter that ultimately changed our lives. Knowing about Him is not simply enough, we need to build a relationship with Jesus. An unlikely conversation that turned our lives upside down and inside out.

There are many who build relationships with Jesus. If you are one of those who believe, you’ve heard and known the Messiah. Go and share Jesus to others who do not. Relationship with Jesus brings true freedom and only in Him you are set free indeed. Contact us if you are interested to share your story on DOTA.







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Dark Hates Jesus!

Dark hates Jesus, do you know that?

Simply for one good reason. Jesus is greater than the darkness in the world. That’s no room for fear in believers lives. The fear of the dark is real for some believers. But, that is how darkness take hold of us, our fear. Today, we need  freedom.

Today is that day you are free from your fear of the darkness. The fear of the dark drives us to immobilization. What do you mean? Fear cripples our every attempt to do something that requires us to activate our faith. Faith requires that we put our trust in the power above our control. Faith requires us to trust God as we move into the unknown. How can we move forward if our fear immobilize us?

Fear of darkness dis-empowers believers to live victorious lives as God intended. Believers need to rise up and take hold of the promises that God gives us each  victory over the darkness.

Why do we allow darkness to cripple our purpose driven lives?

The one obvious reason is our fear to fight back. Have you caught yourself saying this: ‘For as long as I’m left alone, I’m fine!’? The devil will not disturb ‘your nest’ unless you have become a threat to its existence. Believers, spiritual war fares are real. Some of you understand what I mean because you have personally experienced it.

We challenge the dark force in our prayers. The Kingdom of God is not of this world because this world does not know Him nor recognize the things of Heaven. We can continue to live in denial but will only live as powerless believers. Powerless to the darts of the evil, powerless to victories that God would gladly give us. Is this the kind of life you rather choose?

Another reason for allowing darkness to cripple us is our reluctance for confrontation. We get tired of the spiritual battles that are ongoing as long as we belong to Jesus. We are relying on our knowledge of who God is not the source of our daily bread, the Bible.

The Bible is our  only weapon of defense to defeat the darkness. Any other source is not effectual. To win any spiritual battle, we need the power that comes from the Word of God and our faith. We need to believe when God says in 1 John 4:4

“You are from God, little children, and have overcome them; because greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world.”

The Jesus who is inside you, is greater than the darkness outside (in the world). Claim it and believe it because this is where you reclaim victory in your life. Remember this: The darkness is so afraid of the Jesus inside you believers.

Time to arise and shine like the day believers because it is about time we refuse to live in defeat, dis-empowered and dis-enabled to the life that God creates and intend for us.



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The Power Of The Light

God Saw That The Light Was Good

Have you examined the stages how God created the earth? Let’s begin from the beginning, shall we? According to Genesis 2:1-5, it revealed in the beginning, God saw the light as good.

In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.

And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. God saw that the light was good, and he separated the light from the darkness. 

 Genesis 2:3, was the first command that God spoke to the earth. He saw that which was good.. Today we look at that power coming from it, why is it good as God sees it? We also look at the 4 aspects of what it is able to do.

 Light Separates Darkness

It exposes what is hidden in the darkness because the nature of sin is the tendency to hide from God. For example, when Adam and Eve first realized they had sinned and disobeyed God’s instruction given to them, (Genesis 3) they hid from Him. Light exposes what is hidden in the dark. In Fact, God let Adam and Eve know that He was with them when He asked: ‘Where are you Adam? He let them know He cared because He went looking for them in the Garden of Eden. Therefore, the idea that God doesn’t care does not sit well at all. Are you hiding from God today?

It Pierces Through Darkness

The only source that is able to break through darkness and darkness disappears. The darkness of evil is overcome by it  According to 1 John 1:5, it says in the Bible:


This is the message we have heard from him and declare to you: God is light; in him there is no darkness at all.


The message shows God is able to defeat evil that is darkness.  The power of God is greater than the darts of the evil. So, believe it and live in the power of God.


It Shines And Darkness Flees

When God says: ‘Go Light Your World’, He’s telling us that we are not alone when we choose to walk with Him. God is light, remember? He defeats all darkness. Therefore, darkness flees.

It Is Able To Cleanse And Heal

The power not only overcomes, it also cleanses those who choose to walk in it. Nothing is impossible for the power of God, to transform, to regenerate, and to restore. He does not simply say: ‘Go Light Your World’, He explains further.

Why? Simply because ‘now is the time’.  As our generation grows darker and darkness seems to overwhelm us, God is saying His power that resides in us, is able to overcome all darkness. Most of all, God desires that we do not to live in fear.

Come out of that darkness and be that light so others around us will live in that same freedom we have. The freedom to follow where He leads and places you. Be bold and strong to shine where you are and be His beacon that others will see God through you. Thus, bringing Him the glory due His name.



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