If Dr. Seuss Is A Racist – Then We Were All Once Racists

Do You Think Dr. Seuss Is A Racist?

Recently a debate broke out that somehow concluded for some that Dr. Seuss is a racist. I disagreed with any one who thought that just because he was ignorant or lack awareness of how a person should react to an unknown prejudgement, should be labelled as a racist. If we are honest with ourselves, we know we struggle to accept certain uncomfortable prejudice that are unspoken or hidden. So, do we call ourselves racists? The fact that something change your mind about another group of people, makes you realize you ‘were once a racist’. Why do I say that?

We are not born without prejudgments because our cultures determine who we are.  Our cultures teach us how to relate, interact and socialize. But, our cultures do not teach us to be inclusive of everyone. Our lack of understanding of another culture, keep us away from the unknown and from our discomfort. For some will acknowledge that they were once racists, however, if  they were, how could they arrive at that conclusion? What made them racists?

What  Or Who Then Is A Racist?

This brings me to my next point. What makes us therefore racists? The fact that we discriminate does not necessarily make us racists. The comparison of who is superior and looking down on a race, that, makes a person a racist. The fact is I am better than you because I am a (race) speaks of your lack of understanding of that culture and race and therefore highlights your ignorance. The truth is, that is what racism is all about. It simply highlights our ignorance and our pride. Do we simply hold on to our stupidity or learn to see what is good in another culture and race?

Dr. Seuss Is Not A Racist

Why do I conclude that Dr. Seuss is absolutely not a racist? It is very simple. The fact that at the end of his life, he regretted ever written those early cartoons. He finally realized that he could have done better and he wished he never did what he did in his earlier work in his life. That realization made that difference. He acknowledged his prejudice and regretted. In that sense made me think that he was never a racist to begin with.

A self-professed racist would never acknowledge that and if we are honest enough, we would have to confess that we were once racists ourselves. If racism is indeed race discrimination and racial prejudice, then we are all absolutely guilty of being racists at the least once. Don’t you agree? Should the one who thinks he is not guilty cast that first stone? Think again.



Political correctness

Political Correctness Is Out Of Control, Walking On Egg Shells Is No Freedom

 Political Correctness Is Out Of Control

Is political correctness blamed for many caught walking on egg shells, in homes, work places and social media? What do you think? By the way, have you heard the song ‘I’m walking on sunshine.. wow..wow’? Just a candid comparison to show how it feels to walk on sunshine and walking on egg shells. Be honest, which do you prefer?

Political correctness

The reason for raising this social situation is because we need a more honest and tougher look at what’s happening today.  Insisting on political correctness mentality is spun out of control. At the same time, it takes away our freedom in so many ways.

When did we first hear the phrase ‘political correctness’ before? What does it mean to our families, colleagues at work and online friends on social media? In addition to all my questions, here is the last one: ‘Why is being politically correct so important socially?’ Have you ask why?

How Does Political Correctness Take Away Our Freedom?

Whenever we have to watch over our shoulders to say something in the open, in retrospect, we have no freedom. Unfortunately, a leaked written memo that came out of Google became viral because what was written offended his colleagues and was ultimately shamed on the media this week.

I honestly did not agree with his perspective on some points. Yet, when Google CEO fired him, the news shocked me. Apart from what I think, I do not agree that his memo was worthy of firing. Was he fired for the wrong reasons? He responded by planning to file a complaint against Google.

Did he have the right to respond the way he did? In a way, the firing forced the former Google employee to ‘shut up’. Would that stop him from making his mind known? Did someone take his freedom away? What do you think?

Political Correctness Censors And Robs Our Freedom

This week, Bob Nelson, Fresno Unified’s interim superintendent was on the news. His statement: ‘you have kids who are extremely moldable at this stage, and if you start telling them that LGBT is OK and that it’s a way of life, well maybe you just swayed the kid to go that way‘ brought fire and fury to the LGBT community and an LGBT activist demanded that he should be fired for his statement to the local newspaper, Fresno Bee.

As a mom, I agree with Bob because our young children are visual learners. They cannot process abstract information like the older kids do. These materials are complex and not age appropriate. They often easily persuaded in order to gain an adult’s approval.

Here is another classic example of how often we are walking on egg shells. When a minority group opposes our perspective, we become offensive to them. This clearly reinforce what I’ve to highlight in this article.

Is Tolerance The Answer To Political Correctness And Freedom?

How is intolerance acceptable to some speeches and not to others? Why do we punish those who speak their minds? When do we violate free speech and free press? How can we hold a double standard on free speech when in truth, freedom is for all? Not exclusively for just some of the elite members of the club.

I choose to respectfully disagree and allow him the freedom to express his honest opinion. I also realize we have limit in what we can and cannot tolerate. Now, you are being judgmental.. or am I? We need a tougher look and be honest about what we are able to tolerate and what’s intolerable to us. In the case of Bob Nelson, I believe in what he said and we should protest if Fresno Unified School District fires him.

In retrospect, have we been fair or are we equally judgmental to those who differ from our perspective? As a result, we took away his freedom to be himself, to express his thoughts on various matters. Are we being fair to him as a nation? How about Bob’s case?

Walking On Egg Shells Is No Freedom

If we have to walk on egg shells all the time, the truth of the matter is, we have no freedom. No freedom in speech and actions and most of all, no freedom of the press. Whenever a person gets punish for putting an opinion in print, we rob him or her the freedom to express who he or she is. For a nation that actively encourage freedom, this is unacceptable.

My conclusion to this article is that if we therefore, cannot disagree with respect to those who have different opinions from us, we take away the freedom that belong to all. Can we at the least agree with this?




Charlie Gard

Parental Opinions Matter – No Matter What The Professionals Say

Parental Opinions Matter

When parental opinions are undermined as in Charlie Gard’s case in United Kingdom, who then has the rights? When the States undermine parental opinions arguing that the rights of the child come before his caregivers’ opinions and win, what’s next?

Read moreParental Opinions Matter – No Matter What The Professionals Say

Parental opinions

Too Late For Charlie Gard – Move Forward With His Experimental Treatment In United States

Too Late For Charlie?

This morning I woke up with a heavy heart after receiving a devastating news update on Charlie Gard’s latest development. It is a piece of news no parents look forward to. Both Chris Gard and Connie Yates declared their decision to end their legal battle to save Charlie’s life. This decision came after Dr. Michio Hirano took a look at the scan submitted to the court by the Hospital today. The prognosis did not look good.

According to the report that came out this morning, “Charlie has experienced significant muscular atrophy, for instance, as a result of his condition. While the treatment could potentially improve his condition – though doctors have said the chances are low – it would not be able to reverse those effects and so it is too late to pursue that route, the family has agreed.” 

After 5 months of Charlie’s parents fighting to save their son, it is too late.

Charlie’s Parents Prepare For His Verdict – Too Late

As Chris and Connie make peace to accept the news that they did everything they could to give Charlie a chance to live, no matter how long or short it might seem, to prepare for Charlie’s last remaining days left with them. This is a devastating day not only for them but also for any parents who believe that life is worth saving. No matter how short that little life is or in some circumstances, is allowed to live.

Too late

What does ‘die with dignity’ mean to Charlie? 

Does the term ‘die with dignity’ mean anything to Charlie? Or is ‘die with dignity’ a comforting thought for us as adults because Charlie is a hopeless case? Charlie’s primary doctors could not reach a final decision that Charlie is in pain. How can we say that by removing Charlie’s life support we are letting him ‘die with dignity’? Why do we have to fight this hard to save a life before it is too late?

Is ending a life easier than saving one these day? Who truly win today?

Did the law of Britain win today? 

Judge Fransis will make his decision on Charlie tomorrow and we know what is going to happen to him. For those who believe that the law rules over parental rights, you may feel you are right on today. It is time to celebrate indeed.  Those who think Charlie got 5 more months to live, got justification by the verdict today. You breathe a little better because you are probably right.

The truth is, when a life ends, no one wins. No one reaches this far to stay alive and is ultimately given the verdict that it is ‘too late’. Please I ask you continue to pray for Charlie‘s parents through this ordeal.

Did GOSH Do Enough For Charlie? -Too Late

Did Charlie’s primary doctors from GOSH do all they could, to care adequately for him while put on the ventilator for life support? Or was it true, that his death sentence was declared since March?

My question is: Did Charlie continue to receive any form of therapy that is, physical therapy, while he was under the care of GOSH after March? This action speaks volume because we need to know if Charlie got the death sentence since the hospital decided that he was truly a ‘hopeless case’ in March?

Why does it matter or does it matter to anyone that a hospital has the right to give up on its patient and deny any form of treatment presumably before seeking a second opinion?

By raising these questions I hope we will seriously ponder on what is right and what is appropriate. Charlie deserves an answer from our conscience not out of our convenience.

The Frustration Continues For Chris And Connie

Every step of the way was difficult and obstructed by the Great Ormond Street Hospital in London. In fact the final obstruction came today from GOSH clearly showed how unwilling the Hospital was to help Charlie’s family.

If it is truly so important to GOSH to make sure that Charlie ‘dies with dignity’, then GOSH needs to release him to his family to let him die at home with privacy in his mom and dad’s final care. Just stop making absolute impossibility to Charlie’s final moment.

Judge Fransis Rulings

July 26 update: The battle continues.. Judge Fransis gave a statement that if Charlie’s parents and GOSH cannot reach an agreement by 12pm tomorrow (July 27 ), Charlie will die in a hospice facility.

July 27 update: Judge Fransis ruled that Charlie will die in a hospice facility and Charlie’s parents are disheartened by the outcome of the ruling today.

July 28 update: Charlie passed away today after the order to remove his life support executed.

Reflection on Charlie

Please pray for Chris and Connie as they did the best they could for Charlie. Although life does not always go the way we expect, we can only trust God that He knows why He is in a hurry to receive Charlie back in His arms in Heaven. The truth is even though the world let Charlie down, God will not. He is safe in God’s arms now. Let Charlie #restinpeace.




Bullying – A Deadly Epidemic That Needs To End

Bullying – A Deadly Epidemic That Needs To End

Do you know? Bullying is becoming a deadly epidemic in America. Yet, quite frankly, we are nowhere near addressing this issue. Will we ever see an end to bullying? For now, I simply cannot see how unless we as a nation address this with absolute honesty and says: ‘Enough is enough!’

Today, in my attempt to discuss the problems behind bullying, I hope to show you how serious and deadly this epidemic actually is and why we need to do something to stop it.

Bullying Happens Everywhere Not Just In Schools

Bullying does not happen just in schools. In fact, we see it daily and it is happening everywhere and at every level. We see it in work places, over the media and social networks, at home and sadly, our children pick it up and use it for various reasons.

Many of our children become victims to bullying and sadly, more are choosing suicide to get out of it. The bullying suicide statistics is ever climbing at an alarming rate. So have you wonder why so many of our children are either bullied or are bullies themselves?

Reasons Why People Choose Bullying

Bullying is not an issue just for our children alone, it is also for the adults. Why do people choose to bully?

People choose to bully because they are

  1. stressed out and they simply slap their frustration on another person.
  2. insecure and needs to present themselves bigger than they actually are.
  3. cowards who pick on those weaker than them.
  4. in need for affirmation because they lack it.
  5. afraid of those who are different and better than them.
  6. lacking in love from those they seek love and attention.
  7. forceful and do not know how to relate and communicate appropriately.
  8. hurting and manipulate to get what they want.
  9. brought up believing that bullying is okay.
  10. survivors – thinking that only the strongest survive mentality.

Bullying Is A Tell-Tale Sign 

Bullying is a tell-tale sign to something bigger. According the reasons above, I notice that one thing calls out to me. People hide their hurts and are afraid being truthful about their pain and needs.

Why as a society and nation that pursues freedom for its citizens, its people are not free being truthful as they are? Can this inability for truthfulness, a huge problem we have not addressed? A mountain we have no clue where and how to begin looking.


Can we be truthful when we address:

Tolerance – When we call on others for tolerance, we need to look at ourselves and honestly ask and demand that we are able to do likewise. If we are unable to meet that, then we should not put that expectation on anyone.

If we are intolerance of others opinions and views, be truthful about it. As we address others’ inability to tolerate, we need to look inwardly and address it within ourselves why we are intolerant of others at the same time.

Respect – We can agree to disagree on anything. We do not need to resort to name calling to those who disagree with us. When we communicate, we make sure we get our thoughts across clearly and to the point.

Believe that the receiving end of our communication has something good to offer to us.  Be respectful and return with kindness. Be an intensive listener. Simply, do unto others what you would want others to do unto you.

Love – It is not easy to love strangers, am I right? What do we know about them? So, why do we get so upset and frustrated communicating with strangers over the social media? Do we talk to our friends and neighbors in the same way?

The truth: Are we bullying strangers because we do not have to face them like we communicate with colleagues  and neighbors? Simply because there is no consequences to answer to? On the contrary, if we do everything out of love, we can love even strangers whom we do not know.

The Reason Behind This Deadly Epidemic – Bullying

The reason this epidemic is so deadly is because our youths are in crisis. The constant and relentless bullying is wearing our young people out, forcing them to choose suicide as the only option left to ease from their suffering and pain. Often, when a suicide attempt is successful, a life gone and ended.

The hardcore truth is the victims of bullying who attempt suicides are not only our youths but our children in their tween. If we as a society do not address this epidemic, we are going to lose our children to suicides. When will we wake up and do something before it is too late.

In Conclusion

It is not enough talking about what bullying does. We need to as a nation take a deeper look at ourselves, how we treat others, what we show by examples to our children, how we value life, and where we stand on bullying and ultimately how serious are we to say: ‘Enough is enough!’ We have a problem. It is time to end it once and for all.




Charlie Gard

Charlie Gard Needs Your Prayers, Will You Pray?

Charlie Gard

Many of you heard about the story of Charlie Gard and the latest update requires our attention and our actions. The judge demands Charlie’s parents to give ‘new and powerful evidence’ demonstrating that he be kept alive to receive experimental treatment.

The dateline for this submission is on Wednesday and a second hearing will be held on Thursday this week. This can mean that if the judge decides to end Charlie’s life, it can happen by the end of this week. How is this possible?

Charlie Gard

Charlie, a 11-month-old baby suffers from a very rare mitochondrial disease and has brain damage. There is no cure for this disease presently. The hospital determined that the best treatment for Charlie was to remove his life support and allow him to die with dignity.

Many times, we heard doctors say that aborted babies are often children with various disabilities because they will not have good quality of life. It would be better for them to die than to live because there is no hope for them.

Yet, many times, we hear testimonies from parents that life is better because of their existence. They are better parents because of them.

Brain Damage And Muscular Degeneration

How is brain damage an answer to death? What about muscular degeneration and incurable disease? Are these answers reasonable enough to end a life? Have we seen it all?

In the 19th Century, Down Syndrome, which was known as ‘Mongolism’ was first discovered by a British physician named John Langdon Down. Meanwhile, any parents who had children with ‘Mongolism’ then issued a ‘death sentence’.

Yet, we have seen how science progressed since then. Lifespan for adults with Down Syndrome is now well above 50 years.

Brain damage is no longer a ‘death sentence’ for many of our children with various disabilities. Now how is rare mitochondrial disease different? Since science is so advanced these days, how is another rare form of disease keeping us from making life better for these children?

We are making breakthroughs everyday in science. One day, this disease will become another challenge we can overcome. For now, Charlie Gard’s life matters. We can do this because we can save his life.

Cancer Survivors & Charlie Gard

If we can hold on to hope for those who are suffering from cancers, that which is incurable for many survivors, how can we not hold on to any hope, especially for Charlie? Are our babies not worthwhile saving because they do not have their voices?

What would Charlie cry out if he is able to do so? If Charlie is to die in dignity, should not his parents allow to enjoy and have him for another day? How about for as long as he is able to receive the treatment and live?

In Conclusion – Charlie Gard’s Story Pray for Charlie Gard

Charlie needs your prayers. He needs a miracle. Even a change of heart from the judge is a miracle Charlie needs to get his treatment, for a chance to stay alive and a hope for his parents to have the time to spend with Charlie for as long as he is able to do so.

The only hope he has now is to get some form of treatment that can help him, keeping him alive. Please say a prayer for Charlie Gard this week. He deserves a chance to live not die in dignity.

To die, we can get it anytime, but to live, we have to show ‘new and powerful evidence’. What an irony.. Charlie needs you today.

Leave your comments below and let us know what you think or contact us if you have any question. We look forward to hear from you.

We Keep You Up To Date On Charlie

Breaking News on Charlie: Please click on the breaking News to find out more about Charlie’s situation. We ask that you continue to pray and support Charlie while he is still fighting for his life.

New Release on Charlie: Want to know more? Click on New Release to learn more.

Judge Francis seems in a hurry to remove Charlie’s life support according to the newest development. Please keep this family in your prayers.

Today, July 14, we finally get a good and encouraging breaking news on Charlie’s situation. Read all about it on our link.

July 19 update: Not only did Charlie get his first brain scan, Charlie is given U.S citizenship to fly to America for treatment.



Making America Great

Making America Great

The question that many ask on the election year: ‘How can we make America great again?’ The truth lies not on ‘how can we make America great?’ but ‘how is America made great?’ So, what is the difference? The word ‘can’ gives one an option to decide if he or she will come along with the venture which in fact is every citizens responsibility to hop on board, to make America a great nation.

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Why is America not a great nation? President Obama in the State of the Union address, insisted ‘America is a great nation no matter what anyone thinks otherwise.’ The truth is in these 7 years under the leadership of President Obama, how many times were America under the threat of ‘government shutdown’?

The failure of the collaboration between the right-wing and the left-wing proved the failure in the role of the commander-in-chief. Nobody talks of the broken system in the government since 2008. President Obama uses his executive power sparingly shows his inability to unite both the Democrats and the Republicans to offer workable solutions for the American citizens.

America reacts and responds to international crisis. A productive organization takes proactive stands. Are we? In what way? The Obama Administration did not do a good job in negotiating deals through these 7 years. For example, how good was the deal to negotiate the release of 7-8 Taliban terrorist leaders for 1 run away soldier that the government eventually brought him to trial? A drastic mistake on the part of the Obama Administration.

America in these 7 years did not dramatically cut our debts, in fact our debts increased further. How much did unemployment fall? How many families still struggling to survive on a miserable income? How is Obama care helping so far? How many of Obama care insurance companies are closing?

This article exists, not to destroy every effort that Obama administration put in. We saw some positive outcome as well. But, to end that America is great, we are nowhere near there. We are if we are honest enough, still working towards that direction.

How is America made great again? 

A bald eagle cannot soar with one strong wing. Whether the strong wing consists of all the Democrats or all the Republicans. One strong wing will not make a bald eagle fly. Both the left-wing and the right-wing have to work to make sure this great bald eagle fly again. Not only to fly but to soar above the storms.

Can we go pass being a Democrat or a Republican? We need to own this nation as ours. Whether it will become great or not, we have a hand to play.

So, who will we pick as our next President? What should our criterion be? Should we say any candidate who will be willing and able to bring both parties work on solutions that will bring our nation forward to greatness again. Not what should or could be.. No more empty promises please. Enough is enough!

Let’s own our responsibility and pick what’s best for our nation’s sake. Unite America unite!

All Lives Matter

All Lives Matter

Is this statement truth? We’ve been talking about ‘Black Lives Matter’ and yet, we as a society are struggling to stand hand in hand with our African-Americans counterparts, supporting their rights to live in freedom in America. If indeed all lives truly matter, this incident would not be blasted on our media today.

Baltimore Riots



Recently Baltimore was on the news again. I felt disturbed while the media focused on the ongoing riots over the death of the 25-year-old, Freddie Gray. 6 of the Baltimore policemen and policewoman were formally charged and arrested with a range of crimes including  murder and manslaughter in the arrest and fatal injury of Freddie Gray. If you are keen to know more about the news, click here on the Story Link. The riots instigated from excessive use of brutality force by the police in Baltimore while arresting people mainly black young men. A scene so commonly seen way back in the 1960’s. Horrific to learn that it’s happening in 2015. Racism is surfacing out of proportion in our time. So, what happened? Why should our young black men have to live in fear for their lives simply because of their skin color? Have we not addressed this issue way back in the 60’s?

All  Lives Matter

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All lives matter, not just red, yellow, white or black. Should our worth depend on or limited by our skin colors? The truth is, we have no control over our skin colors. What is given is a gift from God. If  the colors of our skin decide our worth, shouldn’t God be the judge? Should we then consider each other as equal? Shouldn’t we in turn treat each other with similar decency and respect. Regardless whether we are of the greatest or the minority. Does this make sense? Every Americans should have the equal opportunity to fulfill their dream as long as they are willing to work hard and earn a decent living. Isn’t this what America is all about? People from various nations migrate to the United States with their families in the hope to pursue and build an American dream and why does it matter where they come from? America is a free nation, really.. is it? If freedom matters so much to us, why aren’t we free?

In 1865, slavery abolished in America. Are the African-Americans truly freed today in 2015? Do they have the equal rights as the rest? If we fight so hard to help another nation in the name of freedom, why do we neglect our very own? Most Americans speak up against the injustice of the caste system in India. Why does it bother us? Our future should never be based on our ascribed status, is it true? Why is it that many of our young African-Americans are fearful for their lives while they are out on the street? Are they targeted by the law enforcement instead of protected by them? Yet, one thing that puzzled me today when I was looking through the faces of the 6 police officers arrested. 3 out of the 6 are African-Americans.  This entire picture does not add up.. more truth will be out soon. We need to get to the bottom of the truth.

We need reform in so many areas. If the Baltimore police officers use excessive force and abusing their authority, then independent investigations will help in making new changes to stop the abusive behavior. The police department has to open to change for the safety and rebuilding the trust that was lost among the people.

Lives matter
All Lives Matter

We Need Positive Changes And Eliminate Racism

Racial discrimination is a thing of the past, yet we as a society are struggling to understand the impact of it. We will not become a better people if we continue in this path. Progress depends on how we treat each other. If we wish for a better and happier world, we need to make positive changes and ultimately end racism. We may have various skin colors, if we see beyond that, we are in so many ways alike. God created us different and unique not so for us to rule over others rather to see the beauty in our differences and appreciate our uniqueness. Simply because to God all lives matter. Even Jesus did not consider Himself above all. He made Himself a slave to all. The Bible says in Philippians 2:3-7  The Message (MSG)

He Took on the Status of a Slave

 If you’ve gotten anything at all out of following Christ, if his love has made any difference in your life, if being in a community of the Spirit means anything to you, if you have a heart, if you care— then do me a favor: Agree with each other, love each other, be deep-spirited friends. Don’t push your way to the front; don’t sweet-talk your way to the top. Put yourself aside, and help others get ahead. Don’t be obsessed with getting your own advantage. Forget yourselves long enough to lend a helping hand.

Think of yourselves the way Christ Jesus thought of himself. He had equal status with God but didn’t think so much of himself that he had to cling to the advantages of that status no matter what. Not at all. When the time came, he set aside the privileges of deity and took on the status of a slave, became human! Having become human, he stayed human. It was an incredibly humbling process. He didn’t claim special privileges. Instead, he lived a selfless, obedient life and then died a selfless, obedient death—and the worst kind of death at that—a crucifixion.

If Jesus took on the status of a slave, if you are to follow His example, should you not do likewise? He gave up His rights as the Son of God to serve others. You need that same attitude to see a new change that transpires beyond your means. A change that your future generations will get to enjoy and live in and through your legacy. An important message to all that all lives matter.






Is Doing What’s Right Relevant Today?

A couple of days ago I saw a video posted by You tube challenging Facebook to do what is the right thing to do as an active  competitor with You tube. Now, here is the video you may want to watch. It’s called Help Stop Facebook Freebooting.

My question to everyone is: “Is it still relevant today to do what’s right?” This question posted to all our mega companies in the United States. In my post today, I would like to discuss this question and state my reasons why it is still relevant to do the right thing.

Making America Great

America is known in the world as ‘The Great Nation’. Really? Is it still relevant today? Imagine what’s that like for many mega companies and their staffs waking up to go to work each day, working hard to make a good living and bringing in incomes for their families and at the end of the day, feeling satisfied and return home with a good clear conscience with nothing to keep them awake in the middle of the night, trembling with fear. Isn’t that an awesome way to live? Can we say that is true all across mega companies in United States? If you would be honest with yourself, have you woken up in the middle of a night trembling with fear lately?

Next picture, have you gone to work a day and all you did was trying to find a loop-hole in our laws and try to get away from paying the penalty using the loop-hole to your advantage? You are most likely working as a lawyer in this case. I might be stereotyping.. I can hear all the lawyers protesting by now. But, seriously, are you in that place and you hate it so much? How is life treating you? Do you really want to live like this all your life? Life is good when you can sleep and not worry all the time. Does doing what is right bother you?

We can live and be competitive with a clear conscience.  Can we qualify ourselves as citizens of ‘The Great Nation’ if all we do are trying to live like one but not living up to its name? Why is doing what is right relevant today? Consider our great grand kids.. What kind of nation we want our grand kids to live in? What we do today has a great impact on our future generations. Everybody knows that.. Wait, take time to seriously think about it.  If we care so much for our environment, and our animals, why can’t we care about what we do to our next generation? What kind of legacy we want to pass down to our future generations? Empire is nice.. but meaningless! A family name that they are proud to own and pass down to their grand kids is the greatest legacy.

Why is doing right still relevant today? If doing the right thing no longer relevant, we can do away with our justice department. It’s irrelevant to uphold justice anyway, why bother? For show? Why bother? Keep the money for yourselves? Do we think seriously what we are doing and why we are doing any more? Is greed so important to you? Yes, everything we do for selfish reasons all stamp out of GREED! We want more!! We can live with more and with a clear conscience.

In conclusion, I would like to leave you with this thought. You think you can get away with a wrong, maybe you can, but don’t push it. One day all that you do, right or wrong will be out there for all to see. Will you be shamed or honored? That’s my question to you.

Does It Pay To Do Good Today?

  Good Samaritan Luke 10:25-37

Does it pay to do good today? The incident that happened in China yesterday on a tragic story of a 2 years old who was ran over by a van and a truck with no one willing to get involved to save her, reminded me of what happened to me as I tried being a good Samaritan once in my hometown in Singapore.

Good Samaritan

As some of you know that I’m passionate for people and children with disabilities. While I was working as a special education teacher in Singapore, I would often pass by a busy sidewalk from Tampines MRT Station to the shopping mall on my way home from work. I would notice this man, often in a squatting position, quiet and in a corner with his cane. As I came forward to take a closer look, I noticed he was blind. I also noticed practically every one around him ignored his presence. Hardly any one would buy anything from him. My heart went out to him, wishing I could do something for him.

One day, I plucked up my courage and talked to him. After knowing his plight, I decided to help him to help sell some of the stuffs to earn a living. I started helping creating signs to get people’s attention toward him and that seemed to work. More and more people started noticing us and bought stuffs from him. It went well for a while until a man who addressed himself as an officer working for the government decided to arrest me for assisting in an illegal criminal group trying to use this blind man to work for the organization. “Oh wow.. me involving in an illegal activity??” That was the last straw for me. I fell apart and started weeping.” Was this fair for trying to do some good deeds?”

Fortunately, a couple decided to speak up on my behalf. They argued with the officer and in the end, decided to go with me to the office and they testified in favor of my innocence. I was eventually warned and released. At the end of the day, I asked myself: “Does it pay to do good these days?”

The horrific story of the 2 years old in China sparked off a very similar discussion on this issue. People are much less willing to get ‘involved’ in helping others in need especially when it comes to children. According to Shanghaidaily.com, it reported:

“The notorious “Nanjing Peng Yu” incident is fresh in people’s minds even after five years. In 2006, in Nanjing City in east China, a young man named Peng Yu who had just gotten off a bus went to aid a 65-year-old woman who was knocked down by a fellow passenger. The woman eventually sued Peng, claiming he was the one who knocked her down.”


As for the blind man I’ve helped.. Much later, I would continue to quietly watch out for him when I passed by that area. As time went by, I noticed he was losing much of his weight and felt helpless to do anything. Over time, I had grown like any one else forgot he existed. What have our societies become? Would you despite the fear, help someone in need today? Would you continue to let the fear rule you or would you let your heart and the Holy Spirit lead you? Something needs to change today!